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Options Trade Tracking

Save time from updating spreadsheets and manually entering trades. Gain more confidence and clarity in managing your investment portfolio.

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Automated Investment Tracking for

We bring together all your investment transactions into a centralized system where you can easily understand all your open and closed trading results.

Understand all the costs associated with your investments, including commissions, exchange fees, margin expenses, and option assignment fees.

We even cover complex multi-leg options strategies like vertical spreads, time spreads, iron condors, butterflies, single call and put trades, and much more.

Options Tracking Coverage is Approved for:

Smart Investors Use Options in Their Portfolio.

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Ready to Turbocharge Your

Vestalyze can help you reach your financial goals faster.

  • Increase Profits and Limit Losses
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Detailed Trade Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Wealth Visual™

See Your Investment Portfolio In a Whole New Light.

  • Asset Class Breakdowns
  • Portfolio Performance Graphs
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Top Winners and Losers
  • Top Holdings

Trading Log

This is our proprietary technology that automatically sorts, groups and organizes your investment transactions into easy-to-understand trading strategies.

  • See all your Open and Closed Trades in one place
  • Understand your portfolio risk and trade risk
  • Optimized for Complex Options Strategies
  • Filter Your trading data with over dozen variables
  • Individual Position Statement Detail on trades

" The Trading Log replaces all manual tasks when tracking your stock and options trades. It's like an automated spreadsheet in the cloud for your investment portfolio."

Activity Log

Effective trade tracking requires transparency. We created the Activity Log to provide complete clarity of everything happening inside your investment portfolio.

  • Get a Complete Understanding of All Transactions That Have Occurred in Your Linked Investment Account(s)
  • Sort by account, symbol, asset type, strike price and date
  • Track all Your Deposits and Withdrawals
  • See a List of all Your Current Asset Holdings

"The Activity Log in Vestalyze was designed to act as reconciliation tool that has the ability to tell the story of a trade, and account for every transaction in your linked accounts."

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Choose A Plan To Get Started

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Ideal for new investors just getting started with options trading

  • Develop a portfolio goal and chart your progress in Wealth Visual
  • Access to basic reporting and portfolio analytics
  • Track dividends, margin fees, interest, and commissions.
  • Basic Trading Log filters.
  • Full account transparency with the Activity Log feature.
  • Cover basic options strategies (listed below)
  • Link 1 investment account
  • Track 100 trades (up to 1000 investment transactions)



Try it Free for 14 Days

Ideal for options traders that make 10-25 trades per month

Free features plus:

  • Pulls two years of transaction data.
  • Advanced Trading Log filters
  • Manual Trade override
  • Covers advanced options strategies (listed below)
  • Link up to 3 investment accounts
  • Track 500 trades (up to 5000 transactions)

Core Plus


Try it Free for 14 Days

Ideal for active options traders making over 25 trades per month

Core features plus:

  • Advanced reporting and portfolio analytics.
  • Custom trade notifications.
  • Full stock and options trading coverage including assignments and rolls (listed below).
  • Link up to 10 investment accounts
  • Track 5000 trades (up to 50000 transactions)

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Build Your Knowledge as a Retail Investor

Our educational programs are designed to help increase your confidence as an investor and self-directed trader. Learn over 20 of the most prominent stock and options trading strategies through our E-Learning portal.

Develop Your Trading Skills

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