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Our Story

Our Story

Tyler Chianelli was struck with a fascination of the stock market when he began trading at just 16 years old. His passion became his career in 2015 leading him to start a financial education company teaching clients from all over the world how to trade stocks and options within their own portfolios. However, there was only one problem – there was no clear tracking and analytics that was available for retail traders to understand their portfolios and have clarity on their performance (especially when trading options). How could retail traders know what they bought and sold at what price? The salt in the wound came after the resurfacing of an old Yahoo mail account that detailed Tyler sold Netflix at $10 a share. One manually created excel spreadsheet later, the first prototype of Vestalyze was born. Was it antiquated? Absolutely. Tyler knew there had to be an automated solution. This was the beginning of the most daunting task of all – developing an automated software that tracked and analyzed trades beautifully (without any knowledge or skills as a developer). Tyler searched for a developer like most of us search for our iPhone when it’s lost and on silent. He finally found the man, the myth, the legend to help bring his vision to light, Jeffery Vincent. Jeffery and Tyler worked obsessively for an entire year and a half to create a seamless and structurally sound platform to bring a solution to traders around the world.

Our Mission

To bring confidence and clarity to every investor through cutting-edge technology, detailed
reporting systems, and automated trading solutions with our tracking software and e-learning platform.

Investment analytics, tracking, and research made simple.

Vestalyze is free to try, easy to set up, and works seamlessly with your investment accounts.

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Our Vision

Vestalyze is a leading financial technology company offering innovative investment tracking capabilities alongside educational products to help shape the next generation of retail investors.

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