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Apr 01, 2020

Navigating a Volatile Stock Market is Easier with Vestalyze

Navigating a Volatile Stock Market is Easier with Vestalyze

March 2020 has shaped up to be one of the worst months ever seen in the U.S. Stock Market. When it comes to your investment portfolio, we know how vital it is for you to understand what is going on during difficult times, such as these.

The massive sell-off in the global equity markets this month has wiped out over 20 trillion dollars of investor wealth in a record-setting time. We even experienced our worst day ever for the NASDAQ on March 16, 2020 with the index falling over 12%.

To top off the March Market Meltdown in stocks, oil suffered its worst month ever.

If you have experienced significant losses this year, you are not alone, and we are here to help you navigate through the chaos moving forward.

Vestalyze has been in development for years, and with our platform becoming available next month, we’re confident our technology with serve you well during an unprecedented time in our history and global economy. We understand how important it is to implement various investment strategies to hedge your portfolio during extreme market volatility, as we’re experiencing now.

Vestalyze was built to help investors by providing automated portfolio tracking, reporting, and analytics on investments with a specialty on equity and index options trading strategies. The most effective way to hedge your investment portfolio is by using options strategies, and our technology is the first automated solution that includes options tracking for retail investors.

Many investment experts and professional money managers are saying now could be a great time to rebalance your portfolio and start buying good-quality names at bargain prices during these historic market conditions. Nobody is capable of calling a bottom in stocks. With the use of various options trading strategies such as selling OTM “cash-secured puts,” buying LEAPS, or using options spreads, investors can significantly reduce their capital at risk while still participating in the upside over a possible long-term rebound.

We look forward to sharing how Vestalyze can help you boost income potential, save time to generate complicated reporting, mitigate portfolio management risk, and provide a comprehensive suite of trade analytics to offer the ultimate transparency with your investing.

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