Does Vestalyze work with regular bank accounts for income and expense tracking?
I’m an active trader, can I see detailed metrics on my portfolio?
What if I’m brand new with investing, can Vestalyze work for me?
What exactly is the WealthVisual™ inside Vestalyze?
What types of investment strategies do you track?
Is there a limit to the amount of accounts I can link on the platform?
I live outside the United States, can I still use Vestalyze to track my investments?

Can I export all my trading records as a spreadsheet or CSV file?
Which asset classes does Vestalyze cover?
Can I cancel my account if I don’t want to continue subscribing to the service?
How far back in time does Vestalyze go to pull closing transaction data?
I only have $1,000 to invest, is that enough to see a benefit with Vestalyze?
What is Vestalyze™?
How do I sync up my accounts in the system?
How many individual trades can I have tracked?
Can I have more than one investment account linked on the system?
Do you offer a referral or affiliate program if I tell my friends to join?

What types of reporting capabilities does Vestalyze offer?
Do you offer any educational programs or videos to teach me about the Stock Market?
Does your software program tell me what stocks to buy or sell?
How much does it cost me to use the Vestalyze software platform?
Does Vestalyze work for RIA firms or professional money managers?
Can I make trades inside my Vestalyze application?
Does Vestalyze include tracking on past trades?
Does Vestalyze help manage stop losses and profit targets on open positions?
What is the refund policy if I choose to purchase the CORE or CORE+ plan?
Are investment holdings or transactional data updated in real-time?
How is Vestalyze different from other portfolio management solutions?

Is the platform automatic or are their manual inputs involved?
Am I able to analyze investment ideas to implement in my portfolio?