What types of investment strategies do you track?

On top of including the standard Long ( or “short”) Shares of stock owned in an investment portfolio, we pride ourselves on being able to track the following options trading strategies for you on the Vestalyze platform:

Long Call (Buy call option(s) or LEAPS® calls)
Long Put (Buy put option(s) or LEAPS® puts)
Short Call (Sell “Naked” or “Covered” call options)
Short Put (Sell Cash-Secured or “Naked” put options)
Long Vertical Call Spread (Buy a “Bull Call Spread”)
Long Vertical Pul Spread (Buy a “Bear Put Spread”)
Short Vertical Call Spread
(Sell a “Bear Call Spread”)
Short Vertical Put Spread (Sell a “Bull Put Spread”)
Long Calendar Call Spread: (Buy a “Call Calendar”)
Long Calendar Put Spread: (Buy a “Put Calendar”)
Long Diagonal Call Spread: (Buy a “Diagonal Call”)
Long Diagonal Put Spread: (Buy a “Diagonal Put”)
Unbalanced Long Calendar Call Spread:
(Buy an “Unbalanced Call Calendar”)
Unbalanced Long Calendar Put Spread:
(Buy an “Unbalanced Put Calendar”)
Unbalanced Long Diagonal Call Spread:
(Buy an “Unbalanced Diagonal Call”)
Unbalanced Long Diagonal Put Spread:
(Buy an “Unbalanced Diagonal Put”)